5 Best Art house theatres in Wisconsin

5 Best Art house theatres in Wisconsin: Although Wisconsin may not be at the forefront of the art film business, the state does have a number of beautiful locations where one may witness cinematic classics from all over the world.

5 Best Art house theatres in Wisconsin

These venues are located in Wisconsin. It is certain that film aficionados who are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience will be delighted by the theaters that Wisconsin does have, despite the fact that arthouse cinemas are not very common in the state.

1. Oriental Landmark Theatre

1927 was the year when the Oriental Landmark Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, opened its doors for the very first time as a film palace. Throughout the span of more than ninety years, audiences have been awestruck by the intricate East Indian style that it possesses. It is said to be the only movie palace that has ever been built with the intention of incorporating this kind of décor into its design.

Within a certain span of time, the theater was utilized not only for the exhibition of films but also for live performances. Many people believe that this theater was the place where the Violent Femmes got their start. Films from all over the world, including Hollywood blockbusters, international films, specialized films, and cult classics, are the majority of the films that are now being aired on this platform.

The opening number of the show will be played on the Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ on certain Saturdays at seven o’clock, and people who attend the screening will be given the opportunity to experience this unique amusement.

2. UW Cinematheque

The University of Wisconsin Cinematheque is the most prestigious arthouse cinema in the Madison area. It caters to film fans who are interested in both historical films and films imported from other countries. It is the purpose of the theater, which represents the student film clubs and academic departments of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, to bring to the screen the best films that would not be displayed in normal cinemas.

It is the skill of the movie theater to regularly display archival and uncommon footage, and they often specialize in exhibiting films from around the world that are considered to be historical. All moviegoers who are interested in recognizing the aesthetic worth of rare and vintage films are eligible to get free entry to the event.

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3. Downer Theatre

The Downer Theatre in Milwaukee is the city’s oldest movie theater that is still in operation, despite the fact that it initially opened its doors in the year 1915. It was one of the most innovative residential theatres in the region when it was first built, and it was located on the upper Eastside of the neighborhood.

Due to the fact that it was undergoing renovations, the theater was closed for a brief period of time; nevertheless, it reopened in the year 1990. At the moment, it is an outstanding site to watch the very greatest films that have ever been produced in independent and foreign languages.

5. Times Cinema

In the year 1935, the Times Cinema in Milwaukee began showing motion films when it first opened its doors. Since that time, it has continued to operate at the same level as a movie theater that just has one screen. However, it does concentrate in repertory films, which are pictures that are presented to audiences in the present day.

Although it does not strictly focus on art films, it does emphasize repertory films. In light of the fact that it is in jeopardy of being shut down in the not too distant future, it is of the utmost importance that you pay a visit to this local cinematic treasure before it is no longer accessible.

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