Top 9 oldest theatre in Washington

Top 9 oldest theatre in Washington: For those who live in Washington, what are some ways to keep warm throughout the winter months? For the simple reason that you are unable to withstand the cold and that you have no interest in engaging in snow-related activities, you are most likely going to be inclined to remain indoors.

Top 9 oldest theatre in Washington

Why don’t you make yourself at home in one of our many theaters that are completely unique? There is no doubt that you will take enjoyment in these breathtaking locations, regardless of whether you are more inclined to watch a movie or go to a theatrical performance.

1. The Capitol Theatre, Yakima

Since its opening in 1920, the Capitol Theatre in Yakima has maintained its regular business operations, despite the fact that a fire in 1975 caused significant damage to the bulk of the original building. It is not only a wonderful location to watch a play, a concert, or the symphony, but it is also said to be haunted, although the spirit is not likely to cause any harm to anyone.

2. The Big Picture, Seattle

In addition to being a movie theater that serves patrons who are at least 21 years old, The Big Picture is also a great deal more than that. Not only does it include a complete bar, popcorn that is served in champagne buckets, and space that can be leased for private events, but it also serves as a community gathering spot.

3. Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox, Spokane

When the doors of the Fox Theater in Spokane opened for the first time in 1931, it was at a time of transition between silent films and silent pictures that were known as “talkies.” The theater was not only the first building in Spokane to be fitted with air conditioning, but it also had the most advanced cinematic technology that was available at the time.

The Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox, which had just recently undergone a refurbishment, opened its doors to the general public in the month of November in the year 2007.

4. Ruby Theatre, Chelan

It was a theater when it first opened its doors in 1913, when the historic Ruby Theatre was first established. One of the oldest theaters in the state, it has been showing films for the length of its life, with the exception of the years 1972-1974. It is also one of the oldest cinemas in the state.

5. The Rosyln Theatre, Roslyn

The Roslyn claims that it is the best little theater in the world, and it is also famous for having the best popcorn with butter in the world. Both of these claims are considered to be true. They do not accept credit cards, so if you want to view a movie here, you will need to bring cash or a check because they do not accept credit cards. However, the facility is amazing and it is quite old.

6. Central Cinema, Seattle

When it comes to entertainment, Central Cinema is often regarded as the most entertaining theater in Seattle, and possibly the entire state. Guests can take advantage of table service at the dinner theater, which features a menu that is brimming with great little appetizers and wonderful pizza. Additionally, the theater frequently hosts classic sing-alongs and cartoon happy hours. This page has more information that you might look into if you are interested in attending.

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7. Bing Crosby Theater, Spokane

Through the year 1925, Bing Crosby made frequent use of this theater, which had been known as the Clemmer Theater in the years prior to that. During the year 1988, it was formally put on the National Register of Historic Places for the first time.

8. Cinebarre, Mountlake Terrace

There is not a single person in the Seattle area who does not consider Cinebarre to be their preferred destination. Guests who are at least 21 years old can choose from a variety of alcoholic beverages, and there is also a selection of milkshakes and cuisine available for everyone.

9. The Kiggins Theatre, Vancouver

The most well-known vintage cinema in Vancouver is a local favorite that is well-known for exhibiting well-liked classic films and serving confectionary and treats that are similar to those that were available in the past.

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