About us

For 23 years, Debra Watson has been a PRIVATE ACTING COACH for adults, teens and kids, who are pursuing a professional career. In Los Angeles, Debra nurtured many actors including Mila Kunis, Sara Paxton, Lalaine, and Devon Allen.

Her specialty is helping actors of all levels become more confident with their Cold Reading skills. Debra’s approach to teaching is very down to earth. Students work in a positive, supportive environment, where one learns how to combine their natural instincts with simple, basic cold reading techniques.

This includes script analysis, character development, connecting exercises and improvisationKnowing how to use the information from the script will help take away an actor’s fears when auditioning for a role. By taking the fear out of auditioning, an actor can focus on doing the work – creating rich, believable characters while staying in the moment. Preparation is the key to success in this business.

In Austin, Texas, Debra was a member of ESTHER FOLLIES and later co-founded two Comedy sketch troupes, BEYOND CABLE COMPANY and THE BETTER THAN TV PLAYERS. Along with her fellow actors, she wrote, directed and performed in over 100 shows in various theaters and clubs in Austin. This took place at the same time she was teaching art in AISD, where she was named a finalist for Teacher of the Year. When she is not teaching acting, Debra is singing with her band, The Smokin’ Aces.