Top 5 oldest theatre in USA

Top 5 oldest theatre in USA: Would you like to know which movie hall in the US is the oldest? You’re in the right place if you said yes. Today, there are many online streaming sites that let people watch movies without leaving their homes. Besides that, the 2019 pandemic made people stay inside. Because of this, some movie houses are having a hard time staying open.

Top 5 oldest theatre in USA

Even though this could be true, movie houses are not going away any time soon. Some historians and people who support them do their best to keep old places in good shape so that future generations will be able to enjoy them.

1. Avalon Theatre

The Avalon Theatre is a famous site in the area. It is in the Chevy Chase neighborhood and has a Classical Revival style of architecture. It is one of the oldest movie theaters that is still being used.

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The Avalon Theater has the third-biggest movie screen in the whole country. It was time to close the Avalon Theater in 2001. The historic theater was reopened thanks to the work of a charity community group.

2. Million Dollar Theater

It was opened in 1917 as the Million Dollar Theater. “The Silent Man” by William S. Hart was its first show. This theater is one of the famous movie palaces in California because it is so old. Joseph Mora, a famous artist, made statues that are very detailed and can be seen on the outside wall. The style of the building was influenced by Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.

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These days, the Million Dollar Theatre is the place to go to see rare movies, especially historical movies.

3. Al. Ringling Theatre

Some movie houses have been open for a very long time, and the Al. Ringling Theatre is one of them. The cost of building it was around $100,000. Silent movies, theater, and grand opera are some of the most famous shows that it has put on.

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The Palace of Versailles is what the Al. Ringling Theatre got its building ideas from. Some, though, say it looks more like the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux.

4. Strand Theatre

The Strand Theatre, which was first called the Mark Strand Theatre, was built in 1914. It is a movie hall that the Mark Brothers built. The cost of building it back then was about $1,000,000, which is more than $27,000,000 today. In its heyday, this made the Strand Theatre the most fancy movie theater.

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Most of the movies shown at the Strand Theatre were from Paramount Pictures. After Warner Bros. bought it, it changed its name to the Warner Theatre. In 1952, the theater closed for repairs. When it returned, it was still called the Warner Cinerama Theatre. After that, different people owned it, and in 1987, it was torn down to make room for a new building called the Morgan Stanley Building.

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5. Regent Theater

There will be a new era in movie houses after the beautiful Regent Theatre opens. At that time, theaters were not at all what they are now. They were made to be more beautiful and lively. In the years before Regent Theater, most houses were like Nickelodeon houses.

The front of the Regent Theater, which looks like a Venetian palace, is very pretty. Inside was a Spanish-Moorish auditorium with paintings, carpets, and murals on the roof that made it look nice.

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It wasn’t all flowers and cupcakes when the Regent Theatre opened in 1913. It was almost a big disaster, in fact. Not everyone wanted to move into a newer, nicer theater. With the help of S.L. Rothafel, the US’s most talented designer, Regent Theatre became a place that everyone will remember.

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