Unexpected Trainer Breaks Ash's Longest Pokémon Winning Streak

Ash's winning streak in Pokémon Journeys made him global champion, but an unexpected opponent broke it.

Ash has had his ups and downs in the Pokémon anime, but Pokémon Journeys was mostly "up" for him as he went on an unprecedented winning streak. 

Ash was crowned the Monarch of the World Coronation Series after this winning run, but Misty, one of his closest friends, broke it rudely.

In "Trials of a Budding Master," Ash wins the World Coronation Series and fights a trainer who wanted to challenge Farfetch'd with Gallade. 

Rinto won because he thought Ash would develop Farfetch'd and challenge him again. In "Beyond Chivalry... Aiming to be a Leek Master!" Ash overcame Rinto after a long time in World Coronation Series.

Up to and until the Masters' Eight Tournament, Ash's winning run spanned 87 episodes, until he reconnected with Misty.

Misty and Ash fight over a beached Clauncher in "A Fated Face-Off!" Ash uses a Cilan-inspired bait and Misty uses her secret Pokémon lure to start the fishing tournament.

They fail to catch Clauncher, which pulls them into the water. After Team Rocket disrupts them, Ash and Misty resolve to fight for Clauncher.

Ash selects Corphish, much to Pikachu's dismay as he was anticipating to enter with a type advantage, while Misty selects her Politoed. 

After Corphish misses a Crabhammer opportunity, Misty's Politoed knocks it out with a Mega Punch. Misty captures Clauncher, her final Pokémon, after the combat.

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