Solo Leveling Episode #4 Released

The fourth episode of Solo Leveling promises even more amazing action, so it doesn't look like the show's high-quality run is coming to an end anytime soon.

Solo Leveling episode #4 will pick up after a calm third episode set up the primary plot that has made the series so successful.

Sung Jinwoo is about to embark on a risky trip that will make him a powerful and fearsome Hunter.

Jinwoo survived the statues' brutal beating. A Hunter's Guild official questions him after a three-day coma, but their suspicions are promptly dismissed. 

After talking to his sister, he investigates the game-like screen he can only see. He had to train before nightfall or be hunted by a giant caterpillar for four hours in a desert.

Knowing he must follow the screen, he completes his daily workouts and grows strength. Blonde S-Rank hunter Cha Hae-In joins the story after city dungeons open. 

Having gained confidence, Jin-Woo must escape a dungeon. He easily defeats three goblins. The dungeon continues when a powerful red wolf swiftly destroys his dagger.

Since training, Jinwoo hunts even little creatures. Jinwoo raids dungeons to better his hunting after acquiring the rarest power augmentation. 

Jinwoo will defeat the wolf in the next Solo Leveling episode before facing the dungeon's most terrifying monster.

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