Toga's Death Proves My Hero Academia's Hero World Is Broken

Himiko Toga's sacrifice for Ochacho Uraraka will go down as one of the most poignant incidents in MHA history, but it also demonstrates the depravity of their existence.

Himiko Toga's sacrifice to save Ochaco Uraraka was one of My Hero Academia's most emotional moments. Few manga moments moved fans that much.

Unfortunately, Toga's deed was driven by her idea that death was her best option, demonstrating the series' "hero world"'s brokenness.

Japan has two criminal ranks in My Hero Academia. Crimes with and without peculiarities. "Quirk Crimes" make criminals "villains" under Pro Heroes' jurisdiction.

Police-recognized "criminals" commit "Non-Quirk Crimes". After being caught, villains are imprisoned in high-security prisons without rehabilitation, worse than criminals.

Himiko Toga definitely had mental disease. Her quirk, which lets her consume blood and become other people, has shaped her view of friendship and love her whole life.

Love was blood for Toga. As a "freak," or monster, her parents and peers feared her, so she became a villain to fit in with other "rejects." Kissing and sucking blood are the ultimate symbols of love and friendship.

The criminal court system in My Hero Academia struggles with borderline cases like Toga's. Instead of treating difficult Quirk users as people who need social services and psychiatric help, the system labels them villains.

Any quirk criminal will be punished severely. Toga contemplated Ochaco after the first fight. Toga understood she could be welcome and regretted stabbing her in their final struggle after Ochaco declared she was powerless.

Toga knew that surrendering would just make her worse off, especially after slashing a popular hero like Ochaco. Her life in Tartarus offered little hope of repentance or rehabilitation.

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