New Isekai Anime Reverses a Trope to Show Potential

The first episode of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic is a clever spoof of the iconic "revenge" isekai subgenre, despite the title's possible deception.

The Winter 2024 anime season's new isekai, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic, mocks "revenge isekai" tropes by turning the protagonist's healing skills on him. 

Power fantasies of getting to the top with little power are common in anime. Instead of drama, The Wrong Way seems to laugh at the premise.

While not criticizing summoned hero stories, the first episode's lead Ken Usato's ridiculous recruiting by Rose is a 180 from "support powers" heroes. As these powers' perks and "cheats" are evident, anime benefits.

First episode setup may have been like prior isekai. Ken accidentally falls under Suzune and Kazuki's spell in the fantasy realm.

The monarch tells Ken to hide his healing skills. Joke: The kingdom protects Ken from Rose, their healer and strict taskmaster who threatens to deplete her "new recruit" of potential.

Since Rising of the Shield Hero popularized the theme, numerous anime have included anti-heroes whose "weak powers" make admirers leave and seek revenge. Ken excels at this. 

In formulaic duplicates like Arifureta and slice-of-life comedy like Campfire Cooking In Another World, heroes exploit their powers for the last laugh. Incorrectness overrides logic.

Funny and confirming Ken's sorcery, Rose, the kingdom's healer, freaks out. Healing aids muscle growth and recovery, but Episode 2's training montage ignores it.

A cheerful animation without too much drama about improbable heroes. Although it embraces the obvious benefits, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic avoids isekai mistakes.

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