Spy x Family's Anya Reveals Her Future Role In The Saga

Manga helps series and webcomic author ONE tell his story. Tatsumaki's connection with Tsukuyomi and Fubuki has made her a more complex One-Punch Man character.

Anya Forger, one of Spy x Family's most intriguing characters, is developing her telepathic skills so much that she may deserve her own detective series. Mind-reading girl: what better job?

In Spy x Family Chapter #94, the Forgers teach Anya to ski at a ski lodge as the world's finest spy and assassin relaxes. The Forgers, guests, and staff are trapped in the resort during a snowstorm.

Though being snowed in at a fancy resort may sound like a great holiday, one of the group is murdered during the "snow in" by one of the surviving guests.

Naturally, Loid and Yor secretly solved the situation with their skills. The real hero is Anya, who utilizes her mind-reading talents to locate the criminal and tell Loid to rescue the day.

The chapter's focus on Anya's skill improvement was more intriguing than the film noir whodunit. She previously used it as a "blunt" technique to achieve her goals.

In Spy x Family Chapter #54, Anya saved Yor with her powers and luck. Spy x Family naturally plays these situations and Anya's skills for laughs.

However, Chapter #94 is different. After Anya identified the killer, she helped Loid catch him. Anya got Loid to go on a walk after sleep by sobbing and pouting. 

This placed him in the right position at the right time to catch another murderer. This time, Anya captured the killer every step, unlike Loid.

What Anya did to solve the riddle mattered. From firing everything and hoping it strikes, she uses her powers, wisdom, experience, and situational awareness to succeed. Also demonstrated her limitless growth.

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