One-Punch Man Just Changed Tatsumaki's Story Forever

The manga One-Punch Man drastically alters Tatsumaki, the hero, giving her a far more complex portrayal that readers will undoubtedly like.

OP Man alters superheroes. The manga's Tatsumaki, alias Tornado of Terror, and Fubuki reunited to defend Psykos, their friend-turned-villain, after fighting in the webcomic's Psychic Sisters Arc

Fubuki and Tatsumaki are good espers. Tatsumaki beats Fubuki in telekinesis. Unknown group tested Tatsumaki. After Blast saved her, she guarded her sister and didn't expect another rescue. 

Tatsumaki became harsh and unyielding, pushing away her sister Fubuki, who uses and exploits others to make up for her weakness.

The original One-Punch Man webcomic saw Tatsumaki kill Psykos, an evil esper, while Fubuki defend her old friend to make up for her sins. 

This plot is completely changed by the manga. Tatsumaki and Fubuki reconcile in chapter #176 of One-Punch Man and plan to rescue Psykos from the Hero Association. 

Tsukuyomi, the villain organization that held little Tatsumaki captive, is revealed in the chapter, adding to the hero's history.

One-Punch Man webcomic improves. Tatsumaki and Fubuki's battle was violent, but their manga relationship has altered too drastically, therefore they should cooperate. 

Tatsumaki's Monster Association combat and Fubuki's meeting with Saitama grew their characters. Tatsumaki wanted to kill Psykos in the beginning but now wants to protect her. 

By linking Tatsumaki to the secretive Tsukuyomi organization, the comic teases several intriguing plot twists.

One-Punch Man's beloved characters include Tatsumaki and Fubuki. It's fascinating to watch the manga change their connection and reveal their background.

Manga helps series and webcomic author ONE tell his story. Tatsumaki's connection with Tsukuyomi and Fubuki has made her a more complex One-Punch Man character.

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