Solo Leveling's Premiere Sets Up A Gorgeous Dark Fantasy

Even though Solo Leveling's first two episodes mostly focus on establishing the main plot, there is still much to like about them. 

Dungeons and political intrigue make for compelling worldbuilding, and fantasy action that's never afraid to be dark and frightening only enhances that.

Shunsuke Nakashige and Hiroyuki Sawano's excellent direction and composition make every scene enjoyable, making Solo Leveling technical and narratively attractive.

Solo Leveling's protagonist Sung Jin-woo combines it. Jin-woo is the standard weak protagonist who wants to strengthen his family, but the anime's great direction makes him lovable from the start,

and the prospect of him being rewarded for his few outside-the-box skills makes for a fascinating future episode. 

Therefore, Solo Leveling's launch has plenty to appreciate and should be capitalized on throughout its duration.

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