Solo Leveling Breaks Boundaries With Its Opening Song

The brand-new opening song for Solo Leveling is distinctive and unheard of, demonstrating how it sets itself apart from other anime.

Since uploading chapters, Solo Leveling's new anime opening tune is original and promising. Audiences loved the anime's second episode's opening and ending music.

LEvel is a K-Pop song. This is rare in anime, which has generally used Japanese artists and lyrics.

The change is unprecedented and welcome. It's surprising, but it makes sense in the Solo Leveling anime.

TOMORROWXTOGETHER, one of Korea's top boy bands, and acclaimed Attack On Titan theme song composer Hiroyuki Sawano collaborated on the song. 

Since A-1 Pictures, the anime's studio, is situated in Tokyo, Japan, while the original material is from South Korea, featuring the best from both countries is nearly a tribute. 

Solo Leveling is a web book and manhwa (Korean manga) by Chugong that has grown in popularity, spawning anime adaptations including Tower of God, God of Highschool, and Noblesse.

According to AnimeNewsNetwork, A-1 Pictures has also sought out skilled South Korean animators like Kim Jeongeun and Ji Eu-Sen, who are animation directors. 

The opening, directed by talented animator Seung Choi, has quick and dramatic action. Not changing the characters' Korean names avoids the problems of China-set dramas like Kingdom.

Solo Levelling may affect manhwa. This anime's faithful adaptation, cult-like fan base, and massive resource investment inspire foreign comics.

Its engaging plot and action-packed style might make Solo Leveling 2024's biggest anime in a year of anticipated debuts and returning series.

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