Solo Leveling Review

Solo Leveling is one of 2024's most anticipated anime, and the first two episodes justify that enthusiasm.

Since its inception, Chugong and Dubu's Solo Leveling has been recognized as one of the most popular manhwa titles in circulation. 

RPG-inspired and isekai anime and manga fans loved the stunning visuals and combat sequences as well as the protagonist steadily growing overpowered.

Solo Leveling has always been a huge hit, and there was a lot of anticipation and high hopes for its anime adaptation. 

A-1 Pictures' Solo Leveling will premiere on Crunchyroll on January 6, 2024, as part of the winter 2024 anime season. It was originally scheduled for 2023.

Even with pacing issues, Solo Leveling's first two episodes are promising early review screeners and will be one of 2024's biggest anime.

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