Solo leveling is great and could be the next Titan attack

With more in common than fans may realize, Solo Leveling may be headed toward being the next Attack on Titan, based on its excellent first few episodes.

Attack on Titan may be followed by Crunchyroll's most anticipated anime, Solo Levelling. Solo Leveling's early episodes may mislead viewers regarding both stories.

Solo Leveling's pilot episodes resemble Attack on Titan's. They involve dystopian settings and human armies against creatures that threaten humanity. 

Solo Leveling's dual dungeon setting is easily recognizable because to the music composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

Both Attack on Titan and Solo Leveling have fast-paced opening episodes that turn sour and escalate into a nightmare, making them captivating.

History divides Eren and Jinwoo. Shonen heroes must face their weaknesses and strengthen to protect their loved ones after a life-threatening calamity.

The Titans blast through the wall and eat Eren's mother, while Jinwoo is imprisoned in the double dungeon and his raidmates die and betray him. 

In reality, Jinwoo's paralyzing fear in the twin dungeon and Eren's anguish at his mother's brutal death evoke similar dread and trepidation.

Solo Leveling's mysteries are Jinwoo's ability to level up and the messenger who provides him another chance. Attack on Titan relied on Titans' fascinating beginnings.

That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime and One-Punch Man have intriguing heroes and enormous settings like Jinwoo's ascension. Deep Attack on Titan concepts may be missed.

Solo Leveling is a promising new series. After Attack on Titan, the anime's success among longstanding and new manhwa fans implies it could become a mainstream classic.

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