Deku's Strength is Finally On Par with All Might

One thing that All Might never had over Deku is the ability to access the other Quirks kept inside One for All. 

He can augment his Quirk's power in novel ways, which speeds up the process of developing extraordinary strength. 

Deku used all his fingers and the Third's Fa Jin Quirk to create a massive wave of pressure that stopped Decay on Earth and damaged much ground while Shigaraki accelerated toward Mount Fuji.

The ability to carve out a large expanse of earth with just his fingers and the air pressure they create shows Deku's immense power. 

Wrapping Blackwhip under his skin, Deku boosted his muscle strength. The Symbol of Peace could have done it, like All Might transforming the weather with a blow. 

After achieving mastery of One for All, Deku is now able to perform at the same level as All Might.

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