Snorlax Goes Airborne, Thanks to Hyper Beam 

This particular episode is called "Wheel of Frontier," and it was created by Advanced Generation.

Ash faces Greta, a trainer, at the Battle Frontier in a 2 on 2 duel. Ash calls Snorlax to battle Greta's Hariyama for Grovyle. 

Greta makes use of a Medicham because it is more agile and has the ability to navigate Snorlax. 

The Hyper Beams that Ash commands Snorlax to shoot are unsuccessful until he decides to aim them at the ground using his Hyper Beams.

Snorlax does a Body Slam from high up after Hyper Beam raises it, defeating Medicham and winning Ash the match. 

Hyper Beam is a powerful attack that may provide thrust, but Snorlax weighs half a ton and isn't easily airborne.

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