Pikachu Channels a Classic Strategy Decades Later 

The episode that was made available on Journeys was titled "Destination: Coronation!"

Ash faces Visquez, Vermilion City's provisional gym leader following Lt. Surge, in his first World Coronation Series match.

In a manner reminiscent of the legendary fight between Pikachu and Raichu from the original anime, Visquez engages in combat with a Raichu.

Using Iron Tail, Pikachu avoids Raichu's Volt Tackle by grounding itself with its tail, the same absurd approach.

As Pikachu eventually uses Electroweb to defend itself against Electrode's Aftermath ability, the battle actually becomes even more bizarre. 

Something that the games hardly never use for defense. Even so, this was a fun throwback to Ash's early conflicts and a tribute to the most sentimental followers.

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