Pokémon's New Pikachu Has a Major Weakness

Pokémon Horizons episode #35 reveals Captain Pikachu has a weakness. Although it's a bit ridiculous, this helps distinguish him from his Pika predecessor.

Captain Pikachu from Pokémon Horizons can combat much bigger opponents. Cap's one weakness—he's allergic to being labeled "cute."—is terrible for a Pikachu.

Cap and Friede work in episode #35 to raise money for the airship and keep operations running. They're searching for a Bramblin with Liko and Roy.

A desert full of similar-looking tumbleweeds made Bramblin hard to find once the wind blew it away. The squad divides and asks about town, but nothing comes up.

Two women notice Captain Pikachu and his cap while they're asking around and start swooning over how cute he is. Captain Pikachu sneezes everywhere, sliding off the fire hydrant.

Ash's Pikachu enjoyed being called cute in the original series. Captain Pikachu was distinct from other Pikachus, as his backstory shows.

Ash's Pikachu never had a long-term difficulty, distinguishing the two personas. Friede and Cap battle more than Ash and Pikachu, demonstrating their differences. 

Captain Pikachu's "allergy" to being deemed cute is only known to the crew, so future Pokémon Horizons villains can't exploit it.

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