Netflix Skipping Ahead To One Piece's Latest Arc Makes Sense

Even the author of the series says it's acceptable to skip forward, even if viewers of the One Piece anime on Netflix are missing a significant portion of the narrative.

Netflix has skipped over 500 of One Piece's anime episodes and started streaming the latest Egghead arc, a part in the story the author has said is a great place for new viewers to jump in. 

Luffy's story is in high demand, and more people are exploring One Piece. More than 1090 episodes of Toei's anime adaptation can be frightening at first.

Adventures of Luffy. The latest One Piece anime arc now on Netflix, and series author Eiichiro Oda says first-time viewers can skip ahead to enjoy Final Saga.

New fans may be confused by the background, characters, and skills in One Piece, but the directing and character writing make it fun to watch without watching the prior 1088 episodes.

For years, Netflix has released parts of the pirate epic One Piece. At episode #516 on January 1, 2024, Netflix's US servers added Marineford as the current arc. 

Netflix subscribers may be confused as the tale leaps from "The War of the Best"'s tragedy to episode #1089's well-directed Egghead arc premiere. 

First-time One Piece viewers can start with the Egghead arc, but they will have many questions. New fans may rewatch older episodes if they like them. 

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