Infernape Inexplicably Attacks from Underground 

Diamond and Pearl would like to introduce you to "A Real Rival Rouser!" on this episode.

Paul starts his Sinnoh League match against Ash with a Drapion, setting up Toxic Spikes, a famous approach. 

Several of Ash's Pokémon are quickly defeated until Ash summons Paul's Infernape. Paul switches to a Ninjask, but Toxic Spikes persist.

Infernape uses Dig, an attack that is incapable of harming Ninjask, as Ash's choice for dealing with them. 

While underground, Ash orders Flare Blitz, which summons Infernape, which damages Ninjask and ignites the battlefield, removing the spikes. 

This crazy scheme, which defies every rule of the game and finally gives Ash the advantage, shocks everyone.

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