One-Punch Man's Unluckiest Villain Makes His Hilarious Return

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's One-Punch Man return was a disappointment for the ambitious Saitama competitor and series' most unlucky villain.

After five years, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic returned in One-Punch Man but failed. Despite his efforts, the ninja loses to the bald hero again in amusing fashion.

One-Punch Man's #181st chapter features the hugely popular Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, who hasn't seen in the comic for over five years. 

Sonic pursues them to avenge Saitama, but Tatsumaki uses this opportunity to unleash her full might on someone who can take them without harm. 

He throws explosive shuriken that Tatsumaki telekinetically deflect. Sonic dodges well until he slips on dog poo and gets hit by his weapons.

Some One-Punch Man fans think Sonic's proposal to Saitama humiliates him. The bodyguard ninja, assuming Saitama was a criminal, lost to his superpowers.

Like Flashy Flash, Sonic is a Ninja Villager proud of his speed. The slight of Saitama overtaking him was awful. Sonic seeks "revenge" even if Saitama forgets his name.

Sonic is loved despite his rarity. He, like most One-Punch Man characters, parodies "serious" manga opponents. This rivalry is one-sided due of One-Punch Man's superior comedy. 

Might makes Saitama unbeatable. Sonic is real and sad. Saitama's first punch hurt his groin. This episode's Ninja Village shinobi beats himself by walking on dog poo.

The side characters and Sonic make One-Punch Man awesome. What makes One Punch Man hilarious is its continual transition between serious and frivolous.

In chapter #181, Sonic's brief and awkward comeback shows this. Fans shouldn't wait five years for their favorite evildoer.

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