One-Punch Man's 10 Strongest Heroes

Can anyone beat One-Punch Man's Saitama? Saitama's origins and power are ludicrous. His daily routine included 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and a 6km run. 

1. Saitama

Among the strongest of all One-Punch Man's heroes, the enigmatic S-Class, rank one hero Blast fully deserves his title. 

2. Blast 

S-Class psychic hero Tatsumaki is the Tornado of Terror. Tatsumaki can mentally manipulate objects and people and raise large cities effortlessly.

3. Tatsumaki 

Bang is One-Punch Man's most powerful fighter. Bang's "Fist of Flowing Water, Crushed Rock," attacks and moves quickly using opponent energy. 

4. Bang 

Despite his name, Superalloy Darkshine is human with no superpowers. Many consider Superalloy Darkshine One-Punch Man's strongest and most durable S-Class hero.

5. Superalloy Darkshine 

Atomic Samurai is another One-Punch Man S-Class hero. Atomic Samurai is a great martial artist who uses katanas with accuracy. 

6. Atomic Samurai 

One-Punch Man's S-Class hero Flashy Flash is a Hero Association member. One of the series' most powerful heroes, Flashy Flash has lightning-fast reflexes and speed. 

7. Flashy Flash 

The advanced technology and resources of Metal Knight complete our robotic trio. As Metal Knight, scientist Bofoi controls a gigantic mecha suit with missiles, lasers, and machine guns. 

8. Metal Knight 

Mystery robot Drive Knight uses tremendous technology and weapons and equipment. He's a formidable opponent since he can assess and adjust to their tactics. 

9. Drive Knight 

Genos is a powerful One-Punch Man hero. Genos, a heavily upgraded cyborg, can fight Dragon-level opponents due to his speed, strength, and longevity.

10. Genos' Cyborg 

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