HIDIVE's Latest Anime Masterpiece

While Frieren and Ragna Crimson were launched on the same day, only one of them is commemorated, with Ragna Crimson being HIDIVE's take on the Frieren role.

A fantasy epic from HIDIVE Ragna Crimson's debut was decent yet insufficient. Structure and execution should make Ragna Crimson like Crunchyroll's Frieren: Beyond Journey's End.

HIDIVE has blockbuster series like Oshi no Ko, but most of its shows are overlooked despite their excellence. Many HIDIVE isekai series are great, but Ragna Crimson exemplifies this poor trend.

One episode of HIDIVE accurately depicted Ragna Crimson's tragedy of terrible loss, based on Daiki Kobayashi's manga. Crunchyroll debuted its series with Frieren, but only Frieren was well-received.

The HIDIVE series' sense of loss isn't as clear, which may explain why Ragna Crimson hasn't resonated with as many people. 

Although well-detailed, the focus is on the hero's implied misery, which he only senses through his prophetic abilities to see and feel a terrible future. 

He's one step distant from his future self's tragedy. As a narrative substitute for the direct tragedy, Ragna's later deeds generate a second sort of loss.

The anime's ability to predict Ragna's tragic future was one of the premiere's greatest strengths. 

To make the viewer feel like Ragna's future fear and misery happened, he reacts to them as traditional memories. This setup let the anime surprise viewers.

Ragna Crimson may not get as many viewers as Crunchyroll since its sense of loss is more indirect and better understood afterward. 

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