One Piece's NEW Special Power

One Piece has teased a new special power that could represent all the series' main concepts, suggesting this enigmatic Buccaneer race may be more than it seems. 

Kuma's unusual rush across the Red Line and arrival at Egghead in the current One Piece chapter raise doubts about the Buccaneers' true powers and past, as well as their connection to Joyboy and Sun God Nika.

In One Piece Chapter #1104, Vegapunk believes the Buccaneers may have a power beyond than physical strength, allowing Kuma to punch Saint Saturn in Egghead despite his programming. 

Saturn activated Kuma's failsafe device immediately after the Revolutionaries exited Mariejois with him, leaving him unable to move or carry out orders, let alone act freely.

The ability is not described, but Vegapunk mentions "at one point in time they..." implying a Buccaneers connection. 

As One Piece revealed about the Buccaneers, Kuma's mysterious ability allowed him to defy scientific rationality, which may have contributed to their horrible act against the World Government and Sun God Nika.

In chapter #1104, Kuma uses Haki to attack Saint Saturn, suggesting he did so knowingly and out of his own choice, as Rayleigh explains to Luffy that Haki comes from the user's fighting spirit. 

If so, the Buccaneers' other special ability that allowed Kuma to circumvent his orders may have been freedom, or their inherent free-spiritedness and sense of justice, which stem from the centuries-old legend of Nika.

Oda may have been influenced by Buccaneers' real name. Pirate companies were founded on liberty, equality, and fraternity before the French Revolution. 

Kuma's father's optimism even while enslaved by the Celestial Dragons reflects the lively spirit of buccaneers.

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