Ongoing HIDIVE Isekai Combines Rare Reincarnations & Classic Shonen Trope

Two Blue Vortex is only beginning, and Boruto's increased strength is hard to argue against. Boruto was always stronger than Naruto due to his raw talent. 

In addition, this anime explores the vampire concept, and one of its reincarnations has a distinctive twist.

A new world is foisted on most Isekai. The Demon Sword Master's demon lord Leonis Death Magnus deliberately reincarnates as a 10-year-old human 1,000 years in the future utilizing statis.

Unlike a reverse Isekai, this reincarnation is unique. Leonis, like Dead Mount Death Play's protagonist, enters stasis in a fantasy world and awakens in a futuristic one. 

This "modern" future has Voids, who resemble old monsters but are misnamed, and Holy Swords, which are hyper-focused magical spells.

Another major character, Riselia Ray Crystalia, has the same background as many shonen protagonists after this extraordinary reincarnation. Riselia desperately wants powers like everyone else, but she doesn't. 

Like them, Riselia gained strength through unconventional means, which marred her later achievements, even if she seems fine with this as long as she saves people.

The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy takes this well-known shonen cliché and presents it through a non-anime story of a renowned family's heir failing to meet expectations. 

The series adds vampires next. This twist will appeal to vampire averse viewers since the series doesn't treat vampires traditionally, despite blood-sucking.

The series also uses another fun Isekai trope in which the protagonist's old foes join them in the new realm, further integrating both worlds and complicating their relationship. 

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