10 Best Fantasy Anime Movie

Sophie is a modest, uncomplicated girl who works at her father's hat shop. When she gets into difficulties, the gorgeous wizard Howl saves her. 

1. Howl's Moving Castle

A strange creature named Kyuubey offers middle school student Madoka Kaname the chance to become a magical girl and grant any wish in exchange for fighting bad witches. 

2. Rebellion 

Average high school student Suzume Iwato lives in a peaceful Kyushu village. She meets strange Souta Munakata, who searches abandoned sites for openings, on her way to school. 

3. Suzume  

Tanjirou Kamado has devoted his life to supporting his destitute family since losing his father. But when he comes from selling charcoal, he sees something terrible. 

4. Demon Slayer   

While the famous but bankrupt Ginei Studio is being destroyed, Genya Tachibana makes a documentary about Chiyoko Fujiwara, who mysteriously left her career at the height. 

5. Millennium Actress 

Before his death, Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, declared the existence of the One Piece, a treasure of unthinkable worth whose owner will become the new Pirate King. 

6. One Piece Film Z  

Nine-year-old orphan Ren seeks a loving family. While lost in Shibuya, Tokyo, Kumatetsu, a lonely bakemono, brings him to Shibuten's beast realm.

7. The Boy and the Beast 

Junior Kazuma Satou hopes to resurrect following a vehicle crash. Kazuma befriends chuunibyou Megumin and perverse Darkness with Aqua, his rebirth goddess.

8. KonoSuba

Despite looking like humans, the fabled Iorphs live distant from humanity and weave Hibiol, a magical cloth that tells stories, quietly. 

9. Maquia

Asta and Yuno, abandoned on a church doorway and adopted by a kind priest, want to be the Clover Kingdom's strongest magician, but their skills are different. 

10. Black Clover 

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