New Dragon Ball Daima Trailer

Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 highlighted the year's best anime, exciting Daima fans. Dragon Ball Sparkling! Zero was presented, but Dragon Ball Daima was the finest panel.

Akio Toyuki showed young Goku eating and fighting monsters in Dragon Ball Daima. Goku flips and fights in the trailer. After the panel, Toei Animation uploaded the trailer to Youtube.

Childhood character drawings followed the trailer. Kid Goku, Krillin, Mr. Satan, Android 18, Chi-Chi, and Majin Buu appeared. Toyuki showed Goku's creature artwork in a subtle way.

Trailer and artwork villains intrigue. Dragon Ball Goku battles scarier monsters. Dragon Ball villains are Toriyama, but green and red monsters are Monster Quest.

Purple creatures appear more sophisticated and orderly. Their purple skin and ears may resemble Beerus, but their lack of tails and snouts suggests a coincidence.

While intriguing, the trailer and new ideas are only suggestions. The villains' identities were not revealed by Dragon Ball executive producer Akio Toyuki, suggesting a deeper relationship to the series. 

Daima may be preparing for Dabura's return. Dabura was king of the Demon Realm, therefore Goku's trailer enemies may be trying to resurrect him.

No matter who Daima's final villain is, the clip shows her potential. Daima appears to be moving Dragon Ball in a new path, away from G.T. and Super.

Daima differs from series characters. This new trailer should reassure fans that Dragon Ball Daima will be visually stunning regardless of Goku's final opponent. Great animation and dance.

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