Dragon Ball GT's Best Upgrade

Dragon Ball includes many bizarre characters, from a shape-shifting pig to a pink blob with god-tier strength, but Dragon Ball GT introduces the Dragon Radar, a DBZ artifact.

Dragon Ball began with the heroes gathering Dragon Balls, while later storylines like DBZ and Super focused more on combat. 

Bulma finds Goku alone in the woods while searching for the Dragon Balls and invites him to join her, starting the Dragon Ball franchise.

Goku, Trunks, and Pan search the universe for Black Star Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Radars are the most precious item in Dragon Ball stories.

Dragon Ball GT season 1, episode 5 involves Goku, Trunks, and Pan being stranded on a strange planet when their spaceship crashes.

Z-Fighters arrive in this realm without intending to, but they search for a Black Star Dragon Ball. Trunks pulls out the Dragon Radar before being surprised by a sand-buried robot.

The robot moved unexpectedly under Trunks, so he dropped the Dragon Radar in front of it. A rapid conversion of Dragon Radar into energy helps the robot escape from the muck.

After the Z-Fighters think they've failed their mission, the robot forms a fully operating Dragon Radar on its back, proving it wasn't lost.

This Dragon Ball GT episode gives the original Dragon Radar sentience. After becoming a robot, the Dragon Radar (named ‘Gill’) aggressively seeks for Dragon Balls instead of helping Z-Fighters.

Gill can walk, run, communicate, and help the Z-Fighters find Dragon Balls, and she loudly informs them when one is nearby so they don't have to look down at the radar.

Dragon Ball needs Dragon Radar. Fan-favorite stories would have changed without Z-Fighters and Bulma vs. Goku. Dragon Radar, a significant story element, returns in Dragon Ball GT after perfect refinement.

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