Naruto's Author Revealed The Dark Side Of Team 7

Team 7 is crucial to Naruto, but fans will be surprised to find that the author was harsh on them. Masashi Kishimoto said Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura didn't match Kakashi's standards.

Kishimoto was interviewed by Shōnen Jump in 2002 for American ninja battle aficionados. In a rare interaction with American fans, Kishimoto was interviewed by Shōnen Jump (US) on Naruto.

In the interview, which NarutoHQ published, Kishimoto was invited to wear his Kakashi cap and answer questions as the fan-favorite shinobi and eventual Sixth Hokage.

Kishimoto-as-Kakashi exposed his true feelings about Team 7 here. Despite not flaming them, he paints a poor picture of the three.

According to the transcript, Kishimoto was asked to identify with Kakashi and took time to think before answering, so his answers were half-serious but yet reveal Naruto's mind. 

From that "what if" conversation, Kakashi praised his pupils' abilities but also found faults in each Team 7 member that threatened to derail their full potential.

Kishimoto-Kakashi calls Naruto foolish and unable to instruct, but say he is active and "always does his best". Sasuke is "elite ninja" but "rather sloppy" and "rarely turns out to be useful". 

Sakura is "the closest to being normal" and has a strong recall, but she "has flaws in her personality, like stalking Sasuke", a serious accusation. As Kakashi, Kishimoto says he is outright

Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke practice Kakashi's harsh Team 7 evaluation. Sakura and Sasuke helped Naruto prank Kakashi on the first day of class, commencing their partnership. 

Kakashi-Kishimoto's fast reaction to Team 7 is unsettling but optimistic. This interview's challenges may shape the characters. Since Kishimoto led Team 7, Kakakshi may have created Naruto.

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