Pokémon's Ash Canonically Has Super Power

Ash from Pokémon is not your typical Pokémon trainer; in fact, he has a unique power that has allowed him to accomplish some of his most amazing achievements.

Ash has performed some strange things in the Pokémon anime, but his unique power, Aura, may have helped him.

The generation 4 Fighting-type Pokémon Lucario and Riolu use aura most. Lucario and Riolu can see and manipulate these auras, which represent people and Pokémon life energy, according to the Pokédex. 

Therefore, Aura mimics Chi or Ki, which are martial arts tools. Lucario and other Pokémon can use aura, although its original users are still associated with it. Lucario's Super Smash Bros. mechanics incorporate Aura.

Two-part episode "Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu!" Ash initially notices Riolu's aura. Seeing auras is more prevalent than influencing them. Riley alone can alter Aura. 

Attacks, "sensing" auras, Pokémon telepathy, energy barriers, and transfer are conceivable. Mega Stone bond lets it feel them remotely. Ash doesn't boost his Aura power to continue his trip at episode's finale.

However, Aura contacts fans again. To revive his aura, Ash got an egg that hatched into Riolu in Journeys. Riolu and Ash trained its Aura power, boosting Ash. 

Ash and Lucario found a Mega Stone with Aura after Lucario evolved. Karina ran Kalos Gym. Lucario even telepathically advises Ash on battle moves. 

Ash's Greninja may have used Aura and bonded their life forces with the Bond Phenomenon. Ash's Aura may have infected his other Pokémon, explaining Pikachu's power. Ash may reincarnate Sir Aaron, a powerful aura user.

Ash's unusual powers have helped him bond with and empower his Pokémon, but not all of his successes can be attributed to them.

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