My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

In My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, All Might recalls working with David Shield, a support gear scientist, in America. 

After receiving an invitation to a hero expo at I-Island, All Might brings Midoriya. Several other students join.

Midoriya soon meets Melissa Shield, David's daughter, who gives him a gauntlet to wield One for All without hurting himself. 

A villain named Wolfram soon attacks the expo and kidnaps the island. The students must confront Wolfram and his goons, but can All Might, whose might is dwindling, win?

Fans wanted to see Deku and All Might fight side-by-side, hence Two Heroes. The film has many thrilling scenes, and Melissa Shield is a charming character who became a fan favorite. 

Melissa appears multiple times in the manga and creates Deku another gauntlet later. The anime's "Special Episode: Save the World With Love!" prologues the film and sets its timeline.

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