Every Dragon Ball Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking every Dragon Ball film from worst to best. Since its beginnings, Dragon Ball has had many movies, anime, and manga. It's obvious that certain movies are better than others.

Dragon Ball movies began in 1986, along with the animation. Toei Animation's film festivals showed most of the films back-to-back. 

Since the 2000s, every Dragon Ball movie has had a wide theatrical distribution, including overseas releases, allowing the franchise to reach fans worldwide for almost 40 years.

Dragon Ball has almost twenty films, and this ranks them from worst to greatest. All entries on this list are subjective and do not indicate a movie's quality. 

The rating of each film merely indicates which were liked better than which, and the explanations for each preference are given in the sections following.

Although there are fans and critics of most Dragon Ball films, Dragonball Evolution is almost universally despised, and for good reason. 

Justin Chatwin's loser Goku hides his powers in Dragonball Evolution. An wicked creature threatens the Earth, so he and his friends must grow their powers, protect it, and find his ideal girl.

In summary, Dragon Ball is replaced with a generic superhero plot, which would turn off everyone who wanted a Dragon Ball movie.

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