My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

Heroes: Rising follows all of U.A.'s Class 1-A when they are dispatched to serve as the local heroes for their safety program during the winter semester on the little island of Nabu. 

The youngsters may get to know the islanders as they help them with daily duties because the island is tranquil and safe.

However, a League of Villains villain named "Nine" after his nine Quirks comes at the island to find a youngster whose blood could save him.

The children in Class 1-A are left to deal with Nine and his gang on their own as their ability to connect with the mainland is instantly eliminated.

Heroes Rising spends most of its second half alternate between calm, serene periods and furious action. The film will follow the manga's Meta Liberation Army arc.

Some characters, like Hawks, debuted in the film before being adapted for the anime. Heroes: Rising's climax, which no fan foresaw, is famous.

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