Maboroshi Is One Of The Most Gorgeous Anime Films In Year

Maboroshi deserves the greatest appreciation for its amazing directing and visuals. Every scene, whether it's a tight drama or something with more action, 

is breathtaking to look at because of Yuriko Ishii's exquisite fluidity and precision in everything from the background art to the character designs. 

This is especially true in light of MAPPA's amazing animation, which gives Maboroshi a visually striking flair that is on par with some of the most well-known anime movies that have been released recently.

Of course, Maboroshi's superb score and shot composition perfectly match the film's art and animation. The film's emotional beats are expertly portrayed by Masaru Yokoyama, who previously worked with Mari Okada on Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Okada's superb directing style further enhances the already amazing visuals by showcasing superb camerawork throughout, even in the most tense scenes. 

Technically speaking, Maboroshi succeeds in every endeavor as a result, and anyone searching for an exquisitely shot movie with equally outstanding direction is sure to find it here.

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