Attack on Titan & Solo Leveling's Protagonists Have Similar Root

Jinwoo and Eren share backgrounds despite different stories. Both characters must face their weaknesses and strengthen to protect their loved ones after a life-threatening calamity, a shonen media cliché.

The Titans eating Eren's mother and breaking through the wall affect his path, while Jinwoo's perspective changes after being stranded in the double dungeon and watching his raidmates die and betray him. 

Eren's anguish at his mother's horrible murder and Jinwoo's paralyzing fear in the twin dungeon share similar sensations of dread and uncertainty.

As Attack on Titan's success rested on the Titans' intrigue and origins, Solo Leveling's major mysteries are Jinwoo's ability to level up and the messenger who gives him a second chance.

Jinwoo's ascension mirrors fantasy novels like That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime and One-Punch Man, with great heroes and exotic surroundings. Attack on Titan's complicated topics may be skipped.

New series Solo Leveling has amazing promise. Popular among veteran and new manhwa fans, the anime could succeed Attack on Titan and become a mainstream classic.

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