Huge BL Anime Movie Canceled

The official website for the anticipated anime adaptation of the Boys' Love manga series Ten Count said that production troubles had canceled the project, which devastated fans. 

The 2020 TV version of Rihito Takarai's forbidden romance serial was delayed when staff members complained about the project's development.

The production team claimed in 2022 that Ten Count's adaptation would be an anime film with a theatrical release in 2023, but as the year went on, fans received no updates and the film was never released.

The animation was produced by Synergy SP and East Fish Studio and distributed by Pony Canyon, who also distributed Sound! Euphonium and The Quintessential Quintuplets.

March 31, 2024, the film's website and X account (previously Twitter) were disabled, signaling cancellation. A January 18, 2024 announcement said production issues canceled Ten Count's 2023 season. Release-watchers and film crew, sorry."

Ten Count was #1 on the National Bookstores' Top Recommended Boys' Love in Japan in 2015 and 2016 and 3rd for Best Manga at the Sugoi Japan Awards in 2017.

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