Why Trigun Stampede is Missing Milly Explained

There is a notable omission of Milly Thompson from the cast of characters in the new Trigun series, which is called Trigun Stampede. Milly, what happened to her, and where is she at this moment?

Milly Thompson was absent from the early seasons of the well-received Trigun Stampede anime. Milly Thompson in 1998's Trigun. Tall and strong, Milly is Meryl Strife's Bernardelli Insurance Company coworker.

In the original Trigun, Meryl and Milly are opposites while being partners and friends. Meryl gets quickly fired up while Milly stays calm in most situations, balancing each other.

Milly's absence from Trigun Stampede's early teasers disturbed fans because Meryl and Milly's relationship was the core of the original Trigun anime.

Orange didn't reveal Milly's absence. Trigun Stampede premiered in January 2023 and set earlier in the protagonists' lives. New designs should make younger characters look younger.

Trigun Stampede's ending year-long timeskip makes Meryl appear like 1998 animation. Her employer says she needs a new partner in the drive, and novice Milly Thompson wants to be placed with Meryl.

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