Dragon Ball Z's Highest Recorded Power-Level

Fans may have already met Dragon Ball DAIMA's villain, Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm, who has the franchise's highest power level.

Recently announced is Dragon Ball DAIMA, a new anime with Goku and the cast as kids. It's unclear why Goku and friends became youngsters again, but DAIMA's plot will be complicated.

The Daima clip features a hellish castle and Buu Saga footage played by a new villain. How is this new opponent related to Buu Saga characters?

Dabura, a Hell-related character, had a major role in the Buu Saga's inception. Dabura, King of the Demon Realm, has the series' highest power.

Dragon Ball demons are Kili-powered. Shonen Jump states 1 Kili = 50,000 Power Levels. Dabura has 4000 Kili, or 200 Million Power. Higher-ranking villains like Buu and Jiren have unknown powers.

Dabura is a demon king with magic that could turn Goku and pals into toddlers. The DAIMA trailer shows a creature that resembles Babidi, Dabura's old lord.

Without Goku or Z-Fighters, Buu defeated Dabura. Dabura aid Chi Chi, Bulma, and Videl in finding Gohan after repenting in Heaven. As these episodes aren't official, her evil reappearance is possible.

Dabura may not want to avenge Babidi or use Majin Buu again, but there are other reasons he could return, and Dragon Ball media like games have brought him back previously.

Dragon Ball Z's strongest enemy, Dabura, was quickly outperformed by the other villains and heroes. His connections to the Demon Realm made him intriguing and might be developed.

Dabura's unexplained debut in Daima's trailer suggests a connection between the new villain and Babidi. Reintroducing Dabura, who only fought Gohan, might link Dragon Ball DAIMA to Buu.

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