A Heartwarming Return

The vocalist of the first Dragon Ball opening song has officially announced that he will be contributing to Dragon Ball DAIMA.

Dragon Ball's first opening singer, Hiroki Takahashi, sings DAIMA's theme to thank its creator. The October 2024 original anime series is needed after a long break.

Dragon Ball DAIMA, revealed during last year's New York Comic Con on October 12, 2023, is anticipated. A wholly fresh plot handled by the series' creator promises excitement.

Hiroki Takahashi should star in this intriguing new project as he started the series. "Makafushigi Adventure!"'s best song was written by him and Shinsuke Kikuchi. 

Hunter X Hunter (2011), Bleach, The Prince of Tennis, and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic were among his many voice roles. Over 30 years in animation make Hiroki the greatest candidate.

Daima best represents Dragon Ball in spin-offs and sequels, therefore the production committee's move is wonderful. In this intriguing series, strange opponents will turn Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Picollo, and others into babies.

They embark on a thrilling quest to recover their bodies and stop these baddies. In October 2024, 40 years after the Dragon Ball manga began, this series will bring back memories of 1980s Goku.

Dragon Ball and Toei Animation veterans from One Piece and Sailor Moon will star. Since franchise creator Akira Toriyama will manage Daima for the first time, fans will trust it. 

The trailer and other information suggest that Dragon Ball DAIMA will be a must-watch, even though many fans wanted a continuation of Dragon Ball Super.

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