My Hero Academia Reveals What Makes Deku A Great Hero

The one quality that sets Deku apart from other heroes is revealed by his contentious choice in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia's Deku faces a difficult choice as the struggle against Shigaraki reaches a critical point, revealing what makes him a great hero. 

The latest episode shows that Deku has chosen to defend Shigaraki despite his threat, demonstrating the trait that makes him the great hero he always wanted to be.

Deku saves Shigaraki in Chapter #412 despite Nana Shimura's spirit pleading for his death. He claims to have overcome and buried his former self that Deku sought to save in the chapter.

Deku recognizes Shigaraki has just covered up his traumatic past and swears to break it, refusing to think he is beyond salvation.

Kudo, the second user, accurately remarks that Deku's commitment to helping Shigaraki reveals his most heroic trait: his unwavering belief in the decency and humanity of all people, no matter how harsh, quirkless, or oppress

Deku's conclusion option may be controversial, but it fits his character arc and path to becoming "history's maddest hero," as chapter #412 suggests.

The finale of My Hero Academia may be controversial, but it fits Deku's character arc and path to becoming "history's maddest hero," as chapter #412 suggests.

Deku can redeem bad heroes by seeing the good in everyone. Deku is a remarkable hero who refuses to give up One for All and his one chance at heroism, indicating a much-needed hero society revolution. ​​​

My Hero Academia has often shown that hero culture is flawed. Several League members' backstories show they were victims of their circumstances, social rejection, and hero system flaws.

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