Ash's Most Infamous Technique is Completely Insane 

In the episode titled "Solid as a Solrock," Advanced Generation hosts

Ash chose to employ Swellow and Pikachu in his battle against Tate and Liza, the brother and sister gym leader duo. 

The fight goes outside even though Team Rocket has disrupted them to the point that the gym is demolished. 

Ash struggles briefly in combat because Swellow is a type disadvantage against Solrock and Lunatone. Ash devises his most absurd plan here.

Looking skyward, Ash gives Pikachu the order to use Thunder on some clouds, confusing both his allies and foes. 

Ash wins as a lightning bolt hits Pikachu on Swellow, engulfing both in golden Electric energy and supercharging their attacks.

This tactic is ludicrous and would only make Swellow faint, making this one of Ash's most renowned gym battles owing to his absurd win.

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