7 Star Wars Theories That Rewrite Anakin Skywalker's Chosen One Prophecy

Palpatine's master Darth Plagueis can create life with midichlorian manipulation, according to Star Wars. Anakin being born fatherless may be more about the Sith corrupting the Chosen One prophecy than the Force.



Anakin was created by the Sith to corrupt the Chosen One prophecy

Anakin's redemption and defeat of Palpatine may have only begun his prophecy fulfillment. In Star Wars films like Ahsoka season 2, Anakin's Force ghost may influence the Living Force to balance the Cosmic Force.



Anakin Fulfilled The Prophecy AFTER His Death

Ahsoka Tano survived the Empire's Dark Times and New Republic after leaving the Jedi Order before the Clone Wars. Former Jedi Ahsoka meets Anakin's spirit in the World Between Worlds in the recent series. 



Ahsoka Has Inherited The Chosen One's Legacy

In The Clone Wars arc introducing the Mortis Gods, the Father struggled to control his Son and Daughter. Son and Daughter, representing dark and light sides, were Cosmic Force anchors. 



True Balance In The Force Is Never Complete

Similar theories apply to Rey and the sequel trilogy. It's believed that all three Skywalker Jedi at different times in the Star Wars timeline achieved balance in various ways.



Anakin, Luke, and Rey Fulfilled Different Chosen One Prophecies

Luke Skywalker healed the Force imbalance caused by the Sith and their Empire by redeeming his father, so many Star Wars fans and characters believe he was the true Chosen One. 



Luke Skywalker Was The True Chosen One

Many heroes may have been called the Chosen One, not just Anakin Skywalker. Each film generation has a main hero. Anakin led prequels, Luke Skywalker the original trilogy, and Rey the sequels. 



There's A Chosen One In Every Star Wars Generation

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