10 Biggest Hunter x Hunter Mysteries

Hunter x Hunter has delighted fans with its unusual storytelling for over 25 years, but the series still has many riddles to solve before its finish. 

Hunter x Hunter's diverse characters reveal humanity's many sides in a magical universe, startling viewers. Over time, the show has defied many Shōnen comic tropes.

New manga follows Hunter Association's Dark Continent trip. The new Chairman, Cheadle Yorkshire, considers the Chimera Ants B-level risks and the new terrain dangerous. 

1. The Dark Continent

Hisoka's Nen skills and flamboyance won her fans. His unusual behavior and Bungee Gum talent have raised doubts about his past, especially since he won't talk about it. 

2. Hisoka's Past 

Three hundred years ago, Don Freecss discovered Lake Mobius on the Dark Continent. Only the East Edition of his "Journey to the New World," a journal, has survived.

3. Don Freecss and The Journey 

The plot may not involve Gon's mother, but fans have come up with wild theories. Gon comes to Whale Island after learning Nen and discovers Ging's tape message.

4. Gon's Mother 

Ging Freecss, a prominent archeologist and Ruins Hunter, is mysterious from the start. He avoids Gon's searches and only appears when called to a meeting with his coworkers. 

5. Ging's Nen Ability  

Pariston Hill is a cunning Triple-Star Hunter and former Hunter Association Vice Chairman. During his three years, 18 Hunters disappeared, and he's been linked to the underworld. 

6. Pariston Hill's True Goal 

Flesh collectors loved the Nomadic Kurta Clan's Scarlet Eyes, one of the world's most stunning colors. The Phantom Troupe killed clan members five years before the Hunter Exam.

7. The Kurta Clan 

A flashback introduces Gyro as Neo-Green Life (NGL) Autonomous Region king. After killing his cruel father, he produces and releases a terrible drug to spread evil worldwide. 

8. Gyro's Role in the Story 

Gon sacrifices his Nen potential for a quick power boost when fighting Neferpitou. This costs him his life, leaving him in severe condition until Nanika heals him. 

9. Gon's Nen 

The cursed Sonata of Darkness is claimed to have been written by the Devil. Melody informs Kurapika that the flute solo changed her looks and that her friend who performed it died. 

10. Sonata of Darkness 

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