10 Best Reincarnation Manhwa 

Soul Land (Douluo Dalu), a great manhua series, has spin-offs, continuations, and animation. Reincarnation, the original series' premise, is driven by Manhua's environment, people, and power.

1. Douluo Dalu (Soul Land)

One of the best martial arts manhwa, Return of the Blossoming Blade takes set in a murim-wuxia universe, which means martial arts worlds but refers to different cultures. 

2. Return of the Blossoming Blade Blends Korean 

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi is a reincarnation manhua known for its horrific events and captivating BL (boy's love) material. 

3. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation 

A Korean lady who takes too many sleeping medication wakes up as a character from a novel she was reading in Who Made Me a Princess uses the reincarnation and omnipotent third person tropes. 

4. Who Made Me a Princess  

The Duke's Bored Daughter Is My Master is a funny reincarnation story about a former empress who reluctantly becomes the daughter of a powerful duke 500 years in the future.

5. The Duke’s Bored Daughter Is My Master 

Tales of Demons and Gods is a reincarnation manhua series with similar motifs, but its worldbuilding and power system are distinct.

6. Tales of Demons and Gods 

Romantic manhwa See You in My 19th Life is about reincarnation. The title respectfully states that Ban Jieum, the main heroine, can preserve her memories after rebirth and is in her 19th life.

7. See You in My 19th Life 

Beginning Rebirth manga! Exotic scenery and natural harmony enhance After the End. After a lifetime of money, power, and everything else in an empire realm, King Grey is reincarnated as a kid into a monster and magic world.

8. The Beginning After the End 

Heavenly Demon Reborn! is a murim manhwa with a twist. In the manhwa, Spear Master Sect successor Hyuk Woon Sung is framed for demonic arts and killed.

9. Heavenly Demon Reborn! 

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special skillfully weaves fantasy and atonement into rebirth. The manhwa follows Desir Arman, a Shadow Labyrinth survivor.

10. A Returner’s Magic 

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