Percy Jackson & The Olympians Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Percy and Grover reunite with Annabeth and Ares using Poseidon's Pearls. Percy must draw his sword as the war god approaches the trio. Epilogue 7 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians promises a Helm and bolt duel. 


Percy Comes Up With One Final Plan To Save His Mother (& The World)

After learning Hades did not steal Zeus' bolt, Percy believes Kronos has always manipulated events. Only Kronos could use the bolt, which magically appeared in Percy's bag as Grover was pulled into Tartarus.


Kronos & Ares Conspired To Steal The Bolt & Hades’ Helm Of Darkness 

After talking to Zeus, Hades admits he didn't steal his master bolt. Hades hates Poseidon and Zeus' fights and the bolt. Instead, Hades seeks his Helm of Darkness, stolen to steal Zeus' bolt.


Hades Reveals He Did Not Steal Zeus’ Master Bolt 

Grover and Percy visit Hades after Annabeth leaves. Grover is drawn to a pit in the wasteland between Asphodel and the palace. As Hermes' enchanted shoes fall into Tartarus, the deepest Underworld, Percy saves him. 


Grover Is Pulled Toward The Pit Of Tartarus As Percy Finds The Master Bolt

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover first visit Asphodel Fields in the Underworld. Souls who regret life choices live in Underworld Asphodel Fields. After a Cerberus scare binds Annabeth's soul to the Asphodel Fields, Percy and Grover discover her regrettable choice.


Annabeth Is Trapped In The Asphodel Fields & Escapes The Underworld 

Procrustes precedes the trio in death. Charon, who ferries spirits to the Underworld, and Cerberus, the giant three-headed dog, guard these gates. Charon knows the children are alive, so Cerberus chases them from Underworld. 


The Trio Escapes Charon & Cerberus At The Entrance To The Underworld 

Before entering the Underworld, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover must defeat Procrustes, another secret entrance guardian. Procrustes, another Poseidon son, reincarnated today. In the past, Procrustes stretched or cut travelers in an iron bed. 


Percy, Annabeth, & Grover Outsmart Procrustes To Reach The Underworld

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