One Piece Is About To Get Its Most Tearful Reunion

One Piece excels at dramatic moments, and the latest manga chapters have set up a devastating Kuma-Bonney reunion that may be worse than Luffy and Shanks'. 

Luffy's final meeting with Admiral Kizaru on Egghead Island avenged the Straw Hats' biggest loss. Saint Saturn of the Five Elders' power and Bonney rivalry soured Kuma.

The Egghead Island arc's manga chapters concerning Kuma and his adoptive daughter Bonney's horrible history have been emotional rollercoasters.

Even though the book contains surprising disclosures, Eiichiro Oda may be setting up Kuma and Bonney's reunion to be more emotional than Luffy and Shanks'.

Kuma gets a costly remedy for Bonney's deadly disease in Chapter #1100. Kuma must become a World Government Sea Warlord and sacrifice himself for her.

Another terrible Saint Jaygarcia rule Saturn forbade Kuma from seeing Bonney when she was cured, a manga reunion virtually certain.

Pirates stole Dr. Vegapunk, thus the World Government forbade Kuma from saving Bonney. Elder Saturn healed Kuma, but she couldn't visit Bonney, which was sad because the innocent girl wished to travel with her father. 

Oda's sketching and shading showed Kuma's pleasure at his daughter's rescue. The huge figure's emotional reaction makes reasonable given the father's travels and failures to make Ginny's child happy.

Oda may have been influenced by Buccaneers' real name. Pirate companies were founded on liberty, equality, and fraternity before the French Revolution. 

The Kuma flashback has yet to end, but readers know Bonney and Kuma had a bad experience with Dr.Vegapunk.

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