Dragon Ball Super's Glorious Return Proves Haters Wrong

Fans were led to believe that the Super Hero arc would go on in Dragon Ball Super, but Goku's spectacular comeback caught everyone off guard.

Hardcore Dragon Ball Super fans got what they wanted for months in Chapter #101, while critics who complained about the Super Hero Arc were silenced. 

Shueisha's storyboards suggested that Dragon Ball Super chapter #101 would center on lesser characters like Carmine rather than Super Heroes.

Dragon Ball Super chapter #101 begins with Carmine tricking Goten and Trunks, but Vegeta and Broly spar before returning to Earth, where Gohan took control in his Beast form.

Goku's return to Earth after detecting Gohan's ki on the last page was the chapter's highlight. After the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie's long "break" the chapter was scheduled to pick up. 

Broly's evolution is revealed, Whis tells the Saiyans what happened on Earth during the Super Hero arc, and Frieza and his Black form, expected to be the arc's highlights, are mentioned.

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