Deku's Signature My Hero Academia Attack Confirm

Deku has worked hard in My Hero Academia to emulate All Might, an almost inhumanly pure character who defined heroism for a generation. 

With his latest Delaware Smash, Deku appears to be matching his mentor's raw might, even though he has a long way to go to become a symbol.

One of the first moves Deku invented himself, rather than merely stealing from All Might's toolkit, was the Delaware Smash. 

He first used this technique in manga chapter #15, but it broke his fingers instantaneously. Since then, Deku has developed and mastered One for All, allowing him to utilize it safely.

As Tomura Shigaraki is determined to destroy Mount Fuji, Deku must use this technique in dire times to blow away the ground afflicted by Shigaraki's Decay Quirk.

Deku can access One for All's other Quirks, unlike All Might. He may boost his Quirk's power in new ways to get great strength faster. 

Deku used the Delaware Smash with all his fingers and the Third's Fa Jin Quirk to create a tremendous wave of pressure that prevented Shigaraki's Decay from spreading to Mount Fuji.

Deku is powerful because he can excavate a wide area of earth with his fingertips and create air pressure. With Blackwhip under his skin, Deku gained muscle. 

The Symbol of Peace could have done it, like All Might transforming the weather with a blow. Deku has mastered One for All and can now operate at All Might's level.

Deku recently attained All Might-tier milestones, thus leaving One for All hurts. Deku showed he can inherit One for All and the Symbol of Peace, All Might, in My Hero Academia.

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