Chainsaw Man Makima Cosplay Recreates the Manga's Most Devastating Scene

Makima, the mysterious anime character, helped Chainsaw Man take over the anime community. Fans loved her powerful and secretive demeanor, making her one of the series' most known characters. 

Water enthusiast wears black. His identification is honored by holding a chain and glaring menacingly. Reyz_001's head was pink-haloed after the tragedy, like Makima.

Still, the Reddit user's recreation of the Control Devil's sinister look is the creepiest aspect of the costume.

Sawman She treats Denji well. She is discovered to control Denji's Chainsaw Devil. Chapter 75 of manga reveals her as the Control Devil as the US President kills her with the Gun Devil.

In Reyz_001's cosplay, Makima is struck by the Gun Devil and develops a brain halo instead of dying. She harnesses Aki, the Angel Devil, and other slain Devil Hunters with her chains, appearing angelic. 

Thousands, including Aki, die in this horrific event. After killing Makima with a Power-blood chainsaw, Denji must raise her reincarnation.

After her death, the enemy is powerful. She predicted her sisters' villainous roles in Part 2 as the manga's first Four Horseman. Makima is a series favorite and strong character.

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