10 TV Shows That Ended Without Character Growth

Season 7 of Skins sucked. Effy, the four-season favorite, changed completely in season 7. After becoming a responsible adult, her life improved. Effy suddenly committed a crime to advance in the company and trusted her boss in a sensitive situation. 


1. Skin

No 13 Reasons Why plot was worse than its finale, where everyone acted strangely. After years of character development and speaking her truth, Jessica reconciled with her rapist, Bryce, and thanked him for uniting the gang. 


2. 13 Reasons Why

The worst telenovela twist was Jane the Virgin reviving Michael and giving him amnesia in season 5. Michael and Jane's death and history mattered. Making Michael a cowboy and marrying another woman insulted his memory. 


3. Jane The Virgin 

The Supernatural finale, "Carry On," was disappointing due to Dean's mishandled storyline. Instead of fighting like most hunters, Dean found joy and peace in a family, especially with Lisa and Ben, in later seasons.


4. Supernatural 

The Vampire Diaries' love triangle grew old quickly, so Stefan's decision to leave Elena and move on was a relief. Later seasons' Stefan and Caroline relationship was better than the love triangle.


5. The Vampire Diaries

Rory was unlikable but had moments in Gilmore Girls. Rory learned from sleeping with a married man in the original show. Logan was engaged and had a boyfriend when she had an affair with him, according to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


6. Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Most characters were happy in Friends' finale, but Rachel wasn't. Rachel turned down a huge job to reunite with Ross after a decade of toxic will-they-won't-they that hurt her career and personal life.


7. Friends 

The series didn't change Gregory House, but it taught him. After driving his car into his ex-girlfriend's living room, which caused Cuddy to leave House after season 7, House became less selfish and more understanding of consequences by season 8. 


8. House, M.D.

Jon and Daenerys were Game of Thrones' most beloved characters. They developed most throughout the show, but "The Iron Throne." destroyed that. In a few hours, Daenerys became a crazed killer. 


9. Game Of Throne

How I Met Your Mother's finale, "Last Forever," was so out of place that its title lost meaning. Season 9 focused on Barney and Robin's wedding weekend, but they divorced three years later. 


10. How I Met Your Mother

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